Lightweight foundation formwork,
which will work on any construction site!

Reduce shuttering time by half


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Paweł Fidurski

Our original system of lightweight formwork BAUTEKK, is the answer to the needs of smaller and medium-sized companies involved in reinforced concrete works. Are you building detached houses? Retaining walls? Or do you need to pour columns in a simple way?

Our panels can be used to make any formwork up to the height of 3 m in a very inexpensive way, assembled manually without the use of a crane and definitely reduce the time of preparatory works for pouring concrete mixture. The boards are designed so that they can be installed vertically or horizontally, and the high quality birch plywood and welded frame allows you to use the system for years.

BAUTEKK shuttering system is a technically advanced product of the highest quality, designed and manufactured in Poland.

The basic element of the BAUTKK shuttering system is a board. Its external frame is made of perforated flat bars, 5 mm thick and 8 cm wide. The internal frame is made of flat bars joined in a notch, which strengthens the construction of the board and improves its aesthetics. The whole is hot galvanized. The centers of the holes are spaced 2.5 [cm] from the edge and another 7.5 [cm], which makes it possible to use D100 nuts in virtually any configuration. 

Frame edge profiles and intermediate ribs have perforated holes spaced at 5 cm intervals, so the boards can be connected with one another with height and width shifted in different multiples of the hole spacing module.

High-quality plate sheathing

BAUTEKK board sheathing is made of high quality, waterproof birch plywood, or optionally – covered with 12 mm thick PPL plastic. Holes for tie bars are made in a steel profile, which effectively protects the plywood against damage during use of the formwork. Plywood is fastened to the frame with rivets, which facilitates its possible replacement in case of damage.

Despite the lightweight construction of the boards, allowable concrete mixture pressure is 40kN/m2.

Innovative solutions applied, careful workmanship of joints, use of high quality materials, and meticulous control of each element considerably prolongs the life of the formwork as well as comfort and safety of its use.

By using the basic equipment of the system and carefully adjusting it, large savings in time and costs can be achieved compared to the use of traditional wooden formwork. Additional accessories and integrated VZ-panels widen the scope of use of the formwork.

  • panel widths:                                      10/20/25/30/45/50/60/70/90 cm
  • panel heights:                                     90/120/150 cm
  • universal panels:                                60/70/90 cm
  • inner corner:                                        15×15 / 20x20cm
  • articulated corner:                             8 x 8 cm
  • frame:                                                    8 cm thick steel profile, fully hot-dip galvanized
  • skin:                                                        high quality birch plywood 12 mm
  • average weight:                                  45 kg/m2
  • max. concrete pressure:                  40 kN/m2
  • compatibility:                                      Tekko
  • standard connectors:                        Bautekk Clamp
  • assembly time:                                    0,3 – 0,5 h / m2
  • panel widths:
    • 10/20/25/30/45/50/60/70/90 cm
  • panel heghts:
    • 90/120/150 cm
  • universal panels:
    • 60/70/90 cm
  • inner corner:
    • 15×15 / 20x20cm
  • articulated corner:
    • 8 x 8 cm
  • frame:
    • 8 cm thick steel profile, fully hot-dip galvanized
  • skin:
    • high quality birch plywood 12 mm
  • average weight:
    • 45 kg / m2
  • max. concrete pressure:
    • 40 kN / m2
  • compatibility:
    • Tekko
  • standard connectors:
    • Bautekk Clamp
  • assembly time:
    • 0,3 – 0,5 h / m2

Why choose BAUTEKK wall system?

BAUTEKK foundation formwork

Low system weight

The heaviest component weighs only 53 kg, so only 2 people are required for assembly.

High durability

The allowable pressure limit of the concrete mixture is 40kN/m2

High compatibility

Easy installation with similar systems TEKKO, MiniBox, BudoUni, PiONBOX

We are the only company to produce a special module with a width of 10 cm, which significantly increases the usability of the system and reduces the use of wooden inserts.

Starting from 95,89 PLN
Starting from 114,52 PLN
Starting from 138,41 PLN
Starting from 6,76 PLN
Ściąg DW-15
Starting from 7,69 PLN
Nakrętka fi100
Starting from 7,50 PLN


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