Modern slab formwork,
in the form of a panel system

Modern cost optimization


Technical and Sales Specialist

Piotr Lulek

Slab formwork BAUDECK is the perfect solution for those who value time and care about costs during the construction project. Fewer people needed for assembly and disassembly of the formwork, shorter time of its erection, less space needed for storage and much easier transport – all this translates into real financial savings.

System slab formwork BAUDECK is a lightweight and versatile formwork, produced by BAUKRANE, designed for a wide range of applications in construction, especially large areas.

High quality...

The system was designed to provide all the technical and economic conditions for the implementation of the tasks set before it. Due to the size of the elements BAUDECK system is also useful in the implementation of smaller and more complex floor slab geometries.

Thanks to its light and durable structure, the system is easy and comfortable to use during manual assembly on the construction site.

Outer frame of the formwork is made of 14 cm high aluminium profile. Internal frame crossbars are made of 73 mm high, 2 mm thick aluminium profile. The whole frame has been powder coated, which reduces concrete adhesion and facilitates cleaning.

The frame has a high quality birch plywood cover, 10 mm thick. It has been fixed to the frame with rivets, which facilitates its possible replacement in case of damage.

Huge possibilities...

Thanks to the wide range of panel sizes, as well as levelling beams and cross beams, BAUDECK formwork can be adapted to any surface, without the need for additional additions. This allows considerable time and cost savings to be achieved compared to using traditional wooden formwork.

Thanks to the size and weight of the panels, as well as simplicity of their installation, it is possible to achieve productivity of the formwork assembly at the level of 10 m2/h.

Technical Data of the BAUDECK System
  • panel width: 45/60/75/90/180cm
  • panel length: 90/180 cm
  • adjustment panels: 55-90x90cm / 55-90x180cm
  • frame: powder-coated aluminium profile 14 cm
  • skin: high quality birch plywood
  • average weight:
    • panel 90×90 cm = 16,00 kg
    • panel 90×180 cm = 27,00 kg
    • panel 180×180 cm = 53,14 kg
  • compatibility: TOPEC
  • assembly time: 0,3 – 0,4 h / m2
  • wide range of panel sizes makes it easy to fit the formwork to any project,
  • easy to use with standard steel props,
  • convenient to use with modular scaffolding,
  • special balustrade heads,
  • easy assembly and disassembly up to 3.5 m from the ground,
  • strong 12 cm thick aluminium profile,
  • high quality aluminium frame corners,
  • through-hole sockets for tie rods reinforced with aluminium ring,
  • high quality birch plywood with 220g/m2 coating,
  • a giant panel 180×180 cm covers an area of 3.24 m2,
  • adjustment panels allow quick adjustment of the formwork to the required width

Why choose BAUDECK slab system?

BAUDECK Slab Formwork

10 m2/h

Possible formwork installation efficiency resulting from its design

2 persons

The simplicity and intuitiveness of the construction means that only 2 people are required for assembly

Manual assembly

Up to a height of 3.5m can be mounted manually


Significant cost optimization on site in comparison to traditional formwork

Basic elements of the system
Starting from 729,19 PLN
Starting from 414,11 PLN
Starting from 604,96 PLN
Recommended accessories
Podpora stropowa BAUPORP 20 v3
Starting from 154,00 PLN
Starting from 98,12 PLN
Starting from 60,50 PLN


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